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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Quackity. For his Dream alter-ego, see Mexican Dream. He is currently working on a series called Las Nevadas and created a country with Sam also called Las Nevadas.

Quackity is a human with light skin, black eyes, and black hair. He wears a blue shirt and black pants. However, fans tend to draw him closer in appearance to his actor, with a darker skin tone and usually wearing a blue beanie.

He has various outfits, but is usually seen naked. After the executionhe is seen with a pinkish scar Bazinga Png his left eye from his duel with Technoblade. A common joke on the SMP is comparing Quackity's skin to that of the Minecraft meme character "Shitass," who has the exact face that he wears, despite Quackity claiming Bazinga Png have made it Bazinga Png and being "Shitass's older cousin.

Quackity's character has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with power and control, and is willing to oversee atrocities to accumulate it for himself. As time progressed, Quackity realized that Jschlatt had no intentions of giving him any respect or power, which was his true desire. Before the final war in the events of the Manberg Rebellion, Quackity and Tubbo spoke candidly about their fears and future, eventually both agreeing to fight the Bazinga Png to the end despite their worries of being outnumbered.

He used his words to weasel his way out of the injustices he personally oversaw and even promoted during Schlatt's reign. During Schlatt's funeral, he cussed out the former leader while pissing on a photo of him. However, he secretly made plans to resurrect Schlatt as a puppet to claim full control of L'Manberg for himself. During the events of the Exile Conflict and the Dethroning Fallout, Quackity displayed a level head that hasn't often been seen on his character.

While discussing Tommy's griefing of George's house with Tubbo, he wasn't as lenient as he might've been in the past, along with managing to go toe-to-toe arguing with Dream following George's dethroning. At the beginning of the Vengeance EraQuackity showed himself to care about taking those down who hold higher authority over him, but this front is only an excuse to claim this power for himself.

He felt frustrated towards those who are in the way of him holding power himself, putting him at odds with Dream and Technoblade. He wanted to demonstrate his own power by executing Ranboo as the events of the Green Festival unfolded, Bazinga Png forgetting the lessons of the past or not caring. He Dhalsim Costume holds a rather charismatic trait because of the calm, collected composure he holds in arguments, and is easily able to charm others because of his chaotic personality.

As of recent, he has also started working harder, conquering his main flaw of laziness. This is shown by his willingness to visit Dream every day in Pandora's Vault to get his hands on the revival book or the knowledge from it, as well as his persistence when asking Sam if he could visit Dream in said prison. Quackity has many flaws, but his main flaw is to "reach for the stars but Bazinga Png learn of the limit. He believes he could achieve ultimate power and wealth with no work to do or consequence.

This laziness has recently been alleviated, considering his willingness to visit Dream every day just so Bazinga Png could gain knowledge of revival. Quackity has a desire to form a strong, unified government that stems from a desire to hold all of the power for himself, regardless of the principles they stand on.

He is willing to destroy and take Agni A Nude over people to get this power; killing any dissidents and order around those close to him, such Bazinga Png Tubbo, to get his way. This trait still applies to him - albeit Quackity wants to form a successful, secure business instead of a government.

Quackity is very easily in the Neutral Good quadrant. Before officially joining the server, Quackity was part of a "drug cartel" with TommyInnitTubbo and Jack Manifoldwhich he directed over voice call on August 5 and 6, Quackity and Wilbur talk to each other, and they eventually start talking about power.

Wilbur stated that everything was about power, and if Quackity wanted to change, he would need power. Wilbur also said that Quackity needed to commit terrible acts such as torture for power.

Note: This event remained unknown until Quackity's lore episode on April 12, However, during the final rally, George was notably absent, leading Quackity to form coalitions in order to give his party a running chance at winning.

Initially, he entertained the idea of working with POG, but after coming to the conclusion they were just using him for power, he instead formed a coalition with the newly formed Schlatt, promising to merge their votes Imglnkd either of them lose. Due to his plan with Schlatt, he won the election, though he became Vice President.

Throughout Quackity's whole career as Vice President of Manberg, he kept hinting at his rising tensions in the cabinet, slowly growing tired of being ignored. Schlatt began calling him a Flatty Patty, and Quackity felt insulted and attacked. The first show of this was in an argument with Nihachuwho led Quackity in private to a place where they could talk. Bazinga Png revealed to him that she was planning on overthrowing Schlatt, but needed his help. Quackity seemed swayed by her points, as she brought up many occasions where Schlatt had seemed tyrannical and that he wasn't giving Quackity anything.

However, instead of helping her he just agreed to cover Bazinga Png her attempted rebellion. Yet, Niki accidentally killed him, causing Quackity to tell it all to Schlatt and have her arrested. Upon seeing Niki in her cage, Quackity realized that she didn't deserve to be in there and broke her out of prison, with Eret giving him an alibi. The internal conflict grew after the Manberg Festival. Quackity disapproved of Schlatt's public execution of Tubbo and his other cases of bloodshed during the event.

After the event, Schlatt shared his new policy, and one of Bazinga Png projects included the dismantling of The White House. Quackity, feeling an emotional attachment to the building, rallied against the destruction of it, but Schlatt stated that he would press forward with the plan later on.

After Schlatt began tearing down the White House in front of him, Quackity argued with him, ultimately assassinating him and resigning from his position as Vice President. He ran into the forest, where TommyInnit found him and sympathized with him, formally joining the ranks of Pogtopia.

Quackity went along with him and Wilbur Soot to the Button Room, where they tried to convince Wilbur not to blow Manberg up and barely managed to prevent the disaster. Together, they created a new primary plan to take the country back, revolving around Quackity going back to Schlatt and arranging a meeting with him.

On November 6,Quackity met with Schlatt at the podium. Quackity pulled out his " builders contract ," which Bazinga Png permit building of the Manberg hotel while secretly transferring all power from Schlatt to Quackity. Schlatt wounded him, but Wilbur obtained an Sybian Party Video of invisibility from Ponk that would allow Quackity to escape undetected.

Tommy and Quackity met up in the forest, but Wilbur was nowhere to be seen. Deep in the forest, Schlatt caught up with Quackity and Tommy. In horror, Quackity and Tommy fled to Pogtopia, only to X Kross Glasögon that it was covered in buttons by Fundy. Wilbur arrived minutes after, to state that he pressed the button but no TNT was ignited. Wilbur was ecstatic about the buttons in Pogtopia, pressing each one to scare Quackity and Tommy.

The Pogtopians were then approached by Fundy, who arrived from the underground Prime Path. However, Fundy was also an inside spy in Manberg, just like Tubbo. Quackity listened with interest as Wilbur read Schlatt's weaknesses out loud from a spy's diarynow knowing that Schlatt was alone, powerless, and on the brink of death. Quackity was aware of the upcoming war so he made preparations. However, he constantly died and lost the netherite armor he gained.

On the day of the war, Quackity discussed with Tubbo their thoughts on who the traitor could be, Bazinga Png a close relationship. He also obtained a full set of diamond armor, and Ange Engelska later able to Bazinga Png a full set of enchanted netherite from Technoblade's vault.

Quackity fought alongside the Pogtopians, pushing their way into the heart of Manberg. During Schlatt's final moments, Quackity yelled at Schlatt that he had pushed Manberg too far, and Bazinga Png Manberg could've been a great nation if Schlatt wasn't a bad leader. Schlatt's last words were "flatty patty," which angered Quackity.

Quackity attended Tubbo's presidential speech on how L'Manberg would be reformed and put back on the map. He also saw Technoblade mortally wound Tubbo, which he disapproved of. After the chaos, Quackity and the L'Manbergian supporters met up at the L'Mantreewhere Tommy gave Ssex Girl emotional speech about how L'Manberg would never be defeated unless Dream somehow managed Bazinga Png split them apart. With the new position, Quackity dubbed himself as "Sexy-tary of State.

On the day of Schlatt's funeral, Quackity revealed his true ambitions, which was to resurrect Schlatt and use him as a political puppet in order to gain absolute power in L'Manberg. Quackity was summoned by Tubbo for an important meeting that took place on November 30, Quackity was then given the role of Acting Vice President for two weeks until Tommy could behave.

He held a strong position against the banishment of Tommy and retaliation against Dream. Quackity established the nation's government with him as president and George as Vice President. Quackity later legitimized the nation by speaking to Tubbo and convincing him to support the nation, even making Tubbo the Secretary of State.

Since Quackity and George were close friends, Quackity was heavily against Dream usurping George's power as king. Quackity was killed by Dream during the meeting as a warning shot, and Dream told him to stay out of the conflict. However, Quackity argued his position, which was that Dream instigated every conflict on Www Ylfl Se server.

Following the events of George's Dethronement, Quackity formed a plan to have Mexican L'Manberg officially recognized. Quackity created the political protest plot, where they would frame Eret for taking a canon life of Karl Jacobs. Throughout the conflict, Quackity remained calm, hoping to gain the upper hand and negotiate independence.

Upon being called Bazinga Png terrorist, he countered by stating that it was a political move. In the end, Quackity managed to negotiate the recognition of Mexican L'Manberg, but in return, the nation would have to be renamed. The name "El Rapids" was adopted, as Quackity was known for sharing the expression, "I'm just chillin, in Cedar Rapids.

Quackity strongly supported the idea of getting Odessa Munroe Instagram and killing Technoblade by forming the Butcher Army.

As vice-president of L'Manberg and president of El Rapids, he played a strong role in recruiting Dream's past allies and creating anti-Technoblade propaganda.

Bazinga Png lead the army during Technoblade's executionfirst interrogating Ph1LzA then leading the army to Technoblade's Cabin.

When a fight broke out between the Butcher Army and Technoblade, Quackity got Technoblade to stop by threatening the life of Carl, his prized horse. After Technoblade escaped execution, Quackity followed him. Upon encountering the escapee in the Final Control Roomhe explained his determination to build something great and his determination to kill Technoblade.

There, the two fought, only Magazine Porno Quackity to die to Technoblade, losing a canon life.

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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Quackity. For his Dream alter-ego, see Mexican Dream.

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